About me


Photography Daan Boterman

Hi! I’m Irina

I am a Personal trainer and Group fitness and Aerobics instructor and I am currently based in Voorschoten, the Netherlands.

I have a Bachelor degree in Economics, followed by long years working as a bank clerk, and a post-graduate diploma in graphic design.

As I could find a hundred excuses not to make it to the gym, I took a part time job teaching aerobic classes, so I would have to do at least some exercise.

Sometimes later, I started working in the best gym in the city I lived at that time –  Orange fitness. And there, I met my incredible mentors. Among them are Julio Papi – the brain behind Stretch concept, Body Sculpting, PortDeBras © programs, Vladimir Snezhik, co-creator of PortDeBras©, Taras Klimov – a well-known international presenter.

There I completed my education in Aerobics, Step, Body Workout, Pilates and Functional training. Apart from having formal education, it was around that time that I realized clearly that our bodies are supposed to be active and in motion. And that being active is the key to be fit. The key for   physical and emotional well being.

For me workouts can be difficult, but I firmly believe that they shall not be boring. I like to learn new techniques and try new equipment, and I’m constantly striving to make my workouts exciting and efficient at the same time.   So, join me!